Local SEO as a Part of Appliance Repair Marketing

Market: Canada

Teamwork and client engagement throughout the SEO process allowed us to grow the company’s website traffic by 980%. The company itself has grown nearly 5 times in size. – licensed appliance repair business in Toronto and Ontario area. The company has been recognized as the best appliance repair service in 2017, 2018 and 2019 according to HOMESTARS.

One of the few companies on the Canadian market offering same day appliance repair service.

Company's growth
Through working with Livepage, the company has grown 5 times in staff power. There was no growth for more than three years before that.
Number of website visitors has grown from 7,880 to 85,100 year on year.
Traffic growth
Daily number of leads from
prospective customers
Within a year, we increased the number of leads for appliance repair business more than by 10 times.

I was pleased to see organic traffic growth eventually after a few years without growth. We started to get more phone calls on a daily basis. Thanks to Livepage my business doubled in one year.

Oleg Chudnovski
Oleg Chudnovski
Owner of
Key success factors
Clear goals set by the client
Full understanding of client problems and goals helped us to find the most appropriate solutions.
Focus on business objectives
We addressed first the priorities that generate money for the business. A thoughtless rush for greater traffic numbers was not an option.
SEO team expertise
The expertise of our SEO team has allowed us to get tangible results and reinvigorate client's business in the shortest time possible.

Is It Possible to Grow a Local Appliance Business in Canada with the Help of SEO?

SEO is often mistakenly considered as something that works only for eCommerce stores selling toys, appliances, etc. Online business is on the rise and will continue to do so. Customers are going mobile both in terms of technology and activities, so if your business isn’t offering its services online, it loses a great share of the prospective audience.

Some US and Canadian businesses doubt the effectiveness of purchases made online, supposing that their services can be sold only through newspaper and billboards ads. This case study will prove the opposite.

Meet Oleg.

Oleg is an immigrant from Israel. After moving to Canada he opened a local business offering appliance repair services in Toronto and the greater area. He knew that in order to get clients for his business, he would have to use some sort of advertising.

From the outset, preference was given to online marketing, which back then was a newly-established and promising way of business promotion. Hence, finding the marketing contractor was just a matter of time.

Prior to working with Livepage, Oleg had experience working with other online marketing agencies. However, during the 3 years of promotional efforts, the results were still way below his desired level.

And then he came to us.

It took us just a year to help Oleg experience several times the growth of his business.

But what about the numbers?

Well, keep reading.

Here is a client’s direct testimony on his experience working with Livepage:

«Good morning, Marina.
The day was literally over and above, we’ve never experienced such a number of calls before. We processed a ton of orders today. I checked last month’s report and compared it to the last year. Organic search has increased by 712.90%.

Like… Wow. I am impressed. Marina, you rock!!!

Please promise you won’t throttle back, we really need more days like this!

Have a super nice day!»

Genuine emotion is the best measure for our joint work efforts.


In this real-life business example you will learn how to get leads via your appliance repair business website in Canada using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and tactics.


Case Study Update April 2019

Year on year website traffic growth:

Year on year traffic growth on a project, 2017–2018 data
Year on year traffic growth on a project, 2017–2018 data.
Start of work with LivePage
Start of work with Liveage. Organic traffic growth thanks to SEO, weekly data, 2017–2019.

15 months after the SEO promotion started, we grew the daily number of order requests on a website from 1–2 to 30. These all are from real people.

Growth of number of clicks on a 'Request repair' form on a website
Growth of a number of clicks on a ‘Request repair’ form on a website.

Case Study Update November 2019


Website — Appliance repair business in Toronto and greater area.


Back story

Here’s what had already been done by the client prior to us taking over (direct quote):

Here’s what had already been done by the client prior to us taking over (direct quote)

«At the end of 2014 we rolled out our first website.

In the beginning of 2015 we ran three-month Link-building campaign over the search query «Appliance Repair Toronto,” we got lots of low-quality links, but for the most part the campaign went fine.
In the beginning of 2016 we updated our website, the further developed version of which you see now.
In the beginning of 2016 we started SEO campaign with a contractor — a local digital marketing agency. Once a month we were doing a blog post. All posts were done by ourselves, speaking from our own experience. Also, once a month we were doing outreach, publishing content with direct links to our website on third-party resources with good SEO reputation.

By September 2016 we got solid numbers in terms of traffic and decided to pause the agency’s services for 3–4 months. It was probably a mistake as in a few months after doing so the website traffic dropped significantly, and we never knew the reason why.

In 2017 we got a partnership offer, started hiring more people, rented a larger office space. Needless to say, this all meant we needed more clients than we already had. So we decided to sign a contract for SEO and PPC services with a large contractor.

It was the point where everything started going bad. There was no traffic, no phone calls. Eventually, our partner pulled out, taking his financial investments back. We were left with expenditures, a rented office, people, and empty promises from our digital marketing contractor.

Time passed and nothing changed. The number of orders was still below the acceptable level. All the advertising we were doing and investments of time and money weren’t paying off at all.

September 2017 was the last month of us working with that contractor.

Start with Livepage

We started working on a project in November 2017. At the time of writing this case study, we had been working on a project for 15 months.

Inquiry status in AmoCRM
Inquiry status in AmoCRM.

Client’s goals:

  • Get traffic back to 2016 numbers
  • Get appliance repair requests from needed areas/locations
  • Grow business after two and a half years of stagnation

The best SEO strategy for appliance repair company (or any other local company):

  1. Competitor analysis and in-depth study of the client’s business
  2. Optimization of pages that directly generate money to the client
  3. Increase of organic search visibility by adding new landing pages
  4. Link building (local directories and outreach)

Step-by-step Guide on SEO for Appliance Repair Business in Canada + Real Life Case Study

Below you’ll find a list of time-tested techniques which if adopted to your service area business will help you get clients from Google Canada.

Competitor Analysis

Main goal

It is necessary to know how competitors get their traffic and compare it to your website to understand which pages/sections of a website to prioritize first in growth marketing efforts.

By using we analyzed all traffic-generating pages of the client’s direct competitor.

Pro tip

Start by selecting the pages that fit your business best. Then, introduce them to your website.

Page selection example

From what we see here, we can suggest that there are three types of pages that bring the most traffic to a competitor’s website:

  1. Town pages via search query «Appliance repair + town».
  2. Appliance brand pages via search query «Brand name + Repair».
  3. Generic types of pages, for example, Washing Machine Repair.

The 1st and 3rd types of pages are already present on our website.

There were also 10 town pages («Appliance repair + town») on a website. We considered increasing its number.

NB: Do this only if business allows you to do so. Meaning, if you can’t service a particular region, rolling out a landing page that targets this region won’t make sense.

At the time of writing this case study, we had the following list of towns in the Toronto area on a website.

List of cities near Toronto

We focused our growth marketing strategy on pages of two types:

  • Appliance Repair + town
  • Brand name + Repair

And it worked.

Appliance SEO Marketing Plan

After analyzing what was done by prior contractors, it became obvious why there was no traffic growth:

A poor understanding of the client’s business and no competitor analysis.

Agencies tried to push forward a blog, engaging people that are looking for information, but not those who are on the lookout for appliance services and ready to call a number.

Our idea was to focus on those pages that affected the client’s business directly.

That’s why when starting our work on a new project we always do a meet up (or conference call) with the client first — to better understand what actually brings them service requests in their business. It helps us to generate marketing ideas for appliance repair companies and find effective growth points for a project.

Pro tip

Growing a business is teamwork. Client engagement during the marketing process is what helps reach the greatest result.

Check also our local business SEO case study in Florida, USA.

What you need to do:

Develop a strategy and discuss it with your SEO contractor.

  • Clearly define what pages need to be pushed forward in the first place
  • What pages could convert better
  • What pages your competitors focus on in their growth marketing efforts

After that, you should be able to clearly envision the development pace that you need to aim for. For example:

We promote a website page that is optimized for a search query «service+town» (for example, «Appliance Repair + Toronto»). We will also create five pages for the Toronto area that will be optimized for the query «service+region» (for example, «Appliance Repair + North York»).

Pro tip

A strategy helps to separate important objectives from low priority tasks.

Prior to handling any type of work regarding your website, ask yourself the question: «How will this task bring closer to my final goal?»

Choosing Traffic Growth Priorities

After another talk with a client, we came up with a list of priorities we needed to focus on first.

Town list

  • Barrie (We need to concentrate on this one).

There’re a few other towns around Barrie which we could consider to be geographically adjacent to it. These were of high priority also.

  • Minesing
  • Midhurst
  • New Tecumseth
  • Alliston (a part of New Tecumseth)
  • Angus
  • Innisfil

The SEO team task was to analyze the search queries for these towns/regions.

However, not all towns made it to the end of our list. There were some towns with less than 10,000 people living there. In this case, a town was so small that there could be no traffic at all, so it’s better to dedicate some extra time to analyzing such regions.

Pro tip

You shouldn’t create new landing pages for the towns with less than 10,000 population.
It will be much more effective to run offline ads there.

When selecting pages to promote, focus on those towns where you are actually able to deliver your service to. After that, grow the list by adding nearby areas.

If you start getting lots of repair requests from the big cities, then you should consider opening a representative office there.

Requests with the city

On-page SEO

After we were done with the town list, we started to work on the SEO optimization of existing webpages.

It took us three main steps to get the needed result. We:

  • built up a semantic core and evenly distributed keywords across the webpages;
  • improved pages appearance;
  • fixed technical bugs and issues.

After following the same set of actions on your website, you are guaranteed to see the difference.

Website Semantic Core

While auditing the client’s website we found pages like Appliance Type + Town. For example: refrigerator repair Barrie

When analyzing Google results for such a query it became clear that there was no need to create those pages.

All pages of that kind were deleted, while we moved some pieces of information to the main pages and set 301 redirects.


For other regions and niches the opposite can also be true!

Opportunity for other regions and niches

Pro tip

Dedicate your time to analyzing SERP and competitors before introducing any changes to your website. Make sure that you really need the pages you want to add.

We gathered the main ‘town’-related keywords, as well as some of the additional keywords that could help us describe the client’s services in more detail.

All ‘appliance type’ keywords we put on a town main page.

Search query list example for appliance repair barrie page
Search query list example for appliance repair Barrie page.

Landing Page Appearance

We updated the overall appearance of the webpages by making them more informative for users.

The main goal — bring answers to all possible questions that a prospective client could have and build a positive first impression of a company.

In order to do that, add to your pages additional sections, showing users:

  1. What you are offering
  2. Your advantages against competitors
  3. Brands you are working with
  4. Regions you are offering your services in
  5. Certificates/Licenses
  6. Your customer reviews
  7. FAQ section

This is how a service page could look:

This is how a service page could look

Meta Tags

We also revised meta tags on all pages, added a little bit more information there regarding client business, and a call to action.

Add to your meta tags any information that will help distinguish you from the competition.
In our case it is the same day appliance repair feature, 24/7:

Meta Tags

To make your snippet visually appealing add Local Business markup.

An example of optimizing headers for mobile devices

It is of high importance that you optimize your headlines for mobile devices since most of the search traffic coming from smartphones.

If you are offering urgent services, then add a phone number right to the Title.

An example of a phone number in Title

Fixing Minor Technical Issues

A website was developed on Wordpress. There were common mistakes such as:

  1. Empty Meta Tags
  2. No or too many H1 headings on pages
  3. Presence of low-quality (empty) pages
  4. Broken links
  5. Redundant redirects

Yoast plugin can help quickly fix some part of the minor problems.

Local SERP

It’s important to remember about the local pack section when promoting a website bond to a specific geographical region in Canada since this block takes a large part of the SERP.

Local SERP includes:

  1. 3–4 paid ads results.
  2. Local pack section.
  3. Organic search results.

Your goal is to get to «local pack» where a user can actually see you. Even if you end up on the 1st-3rd place in the organic search results, there is a high chance that users won’t see you.

So you need to use any available means (described below) to get in the user’s field of view.

PPC Ads Section

Going for PPC ads in Canada would cost a pretty penny. The average cost per click for the main keywords would be around $10.

An example of a contextual advertising block

Local Pack Section

In order to make your business appear in this section, register your company at

Stick to the following recommendations while registering:

  1. Optimize listing for the main keyword.
  2. Choose the right business category.
  3. Make sure to fill all the necessary fields (telephone number, working hours, etc.).
  4. Get customer reviews (they are really important!).

Example block Local pack

If you have representative branches in different towns/cities, you can register listings for those too.

Organic Search Section

Here is what an organic search for the query ‘Appliance Repair Barrie’ looks like.

From the screenshot you see that there are six service websites and four catalogs on top. It’s really hard to  compete with catalogs so it’s better to use them to promote your business.

Organic Competition Competition Screenshot


Make sure you add your service area business in Canada to local catalog websites.

Ask your clients to write reviews on those platforms, it will help you get a higher ranking, as well as bring you more leads.

There are 4 most popular Canadian websites we recommend to add your company to:

On Yelp you can add a business in any local category.

Yelp Interface Screenshot

HomeStars is a local catalog focused mostly on home professionals.

Screenshot of the interface

A alternative.

Yellowpages results page screenshot
Yellowpages results page screenshot.

Screenshot of interface
Screenshot of interface

What Does Not Work Well When Promoting Appliance Repair Business in Canada

Content marketing barely worked for our client. The reason is quite obvious.

If you’re offering services only in a few local regions, and your content covers broad types of search queries, the users will be coming from all over the country. The problem is that it’s not physically possible for them to order your services.

Here’s an example:

Plenty of traffic. No leads.

The ratio of traffic and leads in content marketing

Appliance Repair SEO Case Study (Update November 2019)

The main problem with local businesses is that there are few pages on such websites that can be optimized for search engines.

As a result, when all the priority pages (or most of them) are started to rank in TOP-10 results, the owners of such businesses stop to invest in organic search and switch to other channels.

But our team and the Fix Appliances CA team continue to develop the website. What results have we achieved? See below.

We achieved such results due to the following changes:

  1. “Services and cities” pages search engine optimization and growing them to TOP-3 organic results in Google.
  2. Increasing the number of references for Canadian websites.

Growing in Google Organic Search

Everyone knows that the higher your page is in the top 10, the higher the clickthrough rate (CTR).

Based on this, the main task of the Livepage team over the past 8 months has been to rank important commercial queries (for example, appliance repair + city, brand repair + city) within the top 3 of Google CA.

This allowed increasing not only traffic but also conversions almost 2 times. An example of traffic growth on one of the pages (appliance repair + city):



What will we do next?

Our team and the Fixappliances team will not stop there and plan to increase the traffic to the website before the beginning of the next season (spring-summer).

We plan to introduce the following changes:

  1. Rank absolutely all commercial queries in the TOP-3 of Google
  2. Improve service pages in order to increase conversion rates on them.
  3. To write new expert content not only on Fixappliance’s website but also on other reputable websites.
  4. Increase the number of links in order to develop faster than competitors.

If you want to grow your local business in Canada, and get search traffic and leads, you are welcome to contact us. Our team is ready to help you with your needs.

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